About the Portal

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

The Picus Partner Portal is your resource for all things Picus. Register and manage your deals, leverage the asset library to create compelling lead generation content and get educated!


Your Benefits

The Picus Partner portal includes all the Sales and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Resources

Gain access to compelling content - including email messaging, infographics & more - to help you generate new opportunities.

Sales Tools

Helping you to identify opportunities and run successful sales cyles. All your battlecards, use case documents, whitepapers and reports can be found here.

Deal Registration

Register your opportunities and manage your pipleine - with full Picus sales and pre-sales support.


Use our Purple Academy courses to help you learn about Breach and Attack Simulation, Continuous Security Control Validation & more.

"All the resources my team needs is just a click away. Thanks!"

Jade Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager, Khipu Networks